6 Tips To Boost Your Baby’s IQ in the Womb

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There are many ways to help your baby get a good start in life. You can boost your baby’s IQ while he or she is still in the womb, by reducing stress and anxiety, eating healthily, and by stimulating your unborn child, which will help to create the connections in the brain that are the foundation of intelligence. Taking these actions will help your baby’s brain development, and therefore boost intelligence and concentration, which helps with learning.

What You Can DO:

Here are a few helpful tips that can help your baby’s brain development~

1. Get at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. 

Women who take the recommended dose of folic acid starting at least a month before conception can reduce their baby’s risk of brain and spinal birth defects by 50 to 70 percent. Consuming enough folic acid is the first step you can take to assist your baby’s brain development. You can get your recommended 400 micrograms of folic acid each day from food and/or supplements.

2. Eat well to grow a healthy baby!

Consume 350 to 450 milligrams of DHA, a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. A 2003 study in “Pediatrics” found that children of women who took cod liver oil — a rich source of DHA — from 18 weeks of pregnancy through three months after giving birth scored significantly higher on an intelligence test at four years than a control group. Food sources of DHA include: liver, fish oil and fatty fish such as salmon. You can find omega-3 in oily fish, but there are concerns about mercury levels in some fish so it would be wise to take a vegetable-based omega-3 supplement. Omega-3 is an important part of intelligence in early life.

3. Reduce your stress level.

Prenatal stress may negatively effect your unborn baby’s emotional development, and have a negative effect on IQ. A 2008 study in the “Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology” found that children born to women who experienced high levels of stress during a devastating ice storm in Quebec had diminished cognitive and language abilities at 5 1/2 years of age.

4. Touch your baby through your stomach.

This will stimulate your unborn baby and may help with brain development

5. Play music to your baby while in the womb.

Developing babies, from 23 weeks onwards, can hear sounds from outside the womb. Classical music seems to calm unborn babies, and these babies have been found to recognize the music later in life. This will help your baby’s concentration and propensity for learning.

6. Talk to and read aloud to your baby.

This will help your baby to understand the sounds of language even before he or she is born.

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